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The Greater North Jersey Chapter offers both Public supply chain management courses and Private courses tailored to the specific needs of individual companies.

For Private classesIf you are interested, or have questions, please contact-
Joe Shedlawski, CPIM
H: 845-623-6018
C: 845-536-2283

For more information on Public Classes please click the appropriate course:
or contact-
Joe Shedlawski, CPIM
H: 845-623-6018
C: 845-536-2283




Introducing the streamlined APICS CPIM certification 

CPIM transformed for today’s supply chain professional

APICS-Greater North Jersey Chapter is pleased to announce the official launch of the updated APICS Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) program. The legacy CPIM program has been updated to better meet the needs of today’s workforce. Pass just two exams instead of five to become a CPIM!

CPIM Part 1Start your CPIM journey with universally recognized supply chain training. Learn the basics of Supply Chain Management and prepare for the CPIM Part 1 exam. Our classes are taught on three Saturdays. Price: $995 for APICS members, $1195 non-members.

CPIM Part 2 Complete your CPIM preparation journey. Prepare for the CPIM Part 2 exam with comprehensive training in internal operations covering strategic management of resources, master planning, detailed scheduling, and execution. Our classes are taught on six Saturdays. Price: $1495 for APICS members, $1695 Non-Members.

CPIM Exams – Parts 1 and 2 exams are both priced at $495 for APICS Plus members, $645 for APICS Core members and non-members. Exam vouchers are available through APICS-GNJ.

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Please check-in regularly for an updated schedule.

Why Take a Course?

APICS courses for every supply chain and operations professional. Whether you need to streamline your supply chain or master the basics of materials and operations management-APICS provides comprehensive education and exam preparation materials to help you,

  • Increase your functional and strategic knowledge.
  • Enhance your professional performance to advance your career.
  • Make positive contributions to your company and impact your company's bottom line.
  • Prepare for the APICS CPIM and CSCP exams.
  • Increase the functional knowledge of you and your team.


Decide what APICS course is right for youChoose from a variety of APICS courses offered in your community or online. In addition to APICS certification review courses, APICS courses cover critical supply chain and operations management functions, including Foundational courses for individuals new to supply chain and operationsmanagement or not directly involved in their organizations' supply chainoperations.

  • APICS Customer-Focused Supply Chain Management.
  • APICS Principles of Operations Management.
  • APICS Introduction to Enterprise Resources Planning.
  • APICS certification review courses for individuals interested in earning the APICS CPIM or CSCP designations.
  • APICS Certified in Production and Inventory Management.
  • APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional.


In-demand courses and workshops on topics including lean enterprise, global sourcing, and more.

  • APICS Lean Enterprise Workshop Series.
  • APICS Global Sourcing Workshop Series.
  • APICS Inventory Control Workshop Series.


Theory of Constraints: Concepts and Principles Workshop Series.Courses for educators to help APICS instructors provide high-quality education.

  • APICS Train the Trainer.
  • APICS Learning Dynamics for Instructors.


APICS channel partners provide courses around the globe to help operations and supply chain professionals enhance their skills and experience and increase their functional and strategic knowledge.

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